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Thorvald Emil Garbrecht Ahrentz
Birth 27 Oct 1842 in København

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    1842 27 Oct
    per FT 1901 Vestergade 17,3, Copenhagen, Denmark, opslag 26

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    Marriage to Charlotte Maria Wennemoes Madsen
    1875 14 May Age: 32
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    Marriage to Charlotte Maria Wennemoes Madsen
    1875 Age: 33
    per census 1901

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    1901 Age: 59
    Vestergade 17,3, Copenhagen, Denmark
    FT 1901 - opslag 26 with wife and 5 kids; In 1901 he had six living children and 3 dead children

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Spouse & Children

Charlotte Maria Wennemoes Madsen 1853 – Ellen Charlotte Wennemoes Ahrentz 1876 – 1952Hans Jørgen Ahrentz 1878 – Christiane Marie Wennemoes Ahrentz 1879 – Helga Emilie Wennemoes Ahrentz 1882 – Georg Hjort Wennemoes Ahrentz 1884 – Knud Wennemoes Ahrentz 1890 – Ingeborg Hansine Wennemoes Ahrentz 1896 – 

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