About Carl Nicolaus Van Wouwern, Baron

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About Carl Nicolaus Van Wouwern, Baron
Baron under the king of Spain's highest order and a Tax Master.

Occupation: Vice King of Aragon under King Ferdinand II.

Event: Baron and Vice King of Aragon Spain TITLES: between about 1479 - 1516

Carl Nicolaus von Wowern has been Baron and King of Spain?s highest council as well as Tax Master, and had the title of Vice King of Aragon. His wife?s name was Donna Anna Maria and appears to have been the daughter of the King of Aragon, but if that is the case it was a common-born daughter; in any event she cannot be found on the family tree of the Aragonian kings.

The last king in Aragon was Ferdinand, the Catholic, and he died 1516, born 1453, King in Aragonia 1479, and in Castille 1474, married to Isabella of Castille who was born 1469 and died 1504.

Their daughter was Johanne the Crazy, born 1479, died 4 Apr 1555, married 1496 to Philip the Slippery, he was the son of Maximilian of Austria (Habsburg) and Maria of Burgund and under their grandson, Emperor Karl V Spain, was united to one kingdom. Carl Nicolaus von Wowern probably born 1452 and died 1528.

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